Research Article

The Next Generation Multifunctional Window System


In the era of digitalization and automation, individuals endlessly need to switch previous manual operating systems. During this paper, Authors tend to describe the Window automation system framework, and that they demonstrate here however it works and additionally describes all functions. This window is one type of distinctive good window that may gather its nearest condition info and end its activity like open, close, and send knowledge to the man of affairs, using IoT. It tends to be controlled by physical and autonomous (automated and internet applications). It will quantify the thickness of residue, dampness, temperature, and it additionally will determine gas, water (rain or snow), smoke, light, fire, dust, once distinguishing it took immediate actions supported matters. Here, the actions are; open and close the window receive commands from the user, and send collected knowledge to the user. At long last, authors have directed some real tests of assorted kinds of the sensing element for the shrewd window framework.

Authors: Shakik Mahmud, Julker Nien Akib, Mohamad Farhan Ferdous

DOI: 10.1007/978-981-16-2094-2_25