Japan-Bangladesh Robotics and Advanced Research Center (JBRATRC) has been established with collaboration of different national and international researchers to spare the knowledge of Robotics and Advance technology in Bangladesh and also at other countries of the world. 

We Japan-Bangladesh Robotics & Advanced Technology Research Center (JBRATRC) are working on developing a research community on robotics and advanced technology such as AI, drone, IOT, Machine learning, Software, Hardware etc. in Bangladesh as well as other countries such as Japan, Korea, Canada, U.K, India, USA etc. Initially, we are also arranging some events as, like the International conference, Robo Fest,  workshop, the seminar of different schools, colleges, universities and others support to the different research team to develop sustainable technology research team in Bangladesh and other countries.

In the time of industry 5.0, we can’t waste our time with conventional techniques and knowledges. Now, we have to be broken all barriers in the way of modern technology.

Engr. Mohammad Farhan Ferdous
Chairman & Founder, JBRATRC & JBRTL


Our aim is to create research community in Bangladesh as well as around the world such as Japan, Korea, India, Canada, USA etc. As Bangladesh Government is highly interested and taking great initiative toward making DIGITAL BANGALDESH, its high time we encourage our students from the very beginning to take participation and interest in science and innovation. In recent world Robotics and advance technologies like Artificial Intelligence are most hyped topic. The next generation are going to be a modern civilization depending on robotics works for their daily to daily basis. So, it’s the time where we should prepare our young generation for the upcoming future where these students can research and innovate new ideas. This will help Bangladesh to get world reorganization as a technological advanced country in near future.

JBRATRC aim to work to make young tech leaders, Researchers from Bangladesh to make a position in this technological advanced world for Bangladesh. To achieve that goal, this organization is planning to arrange some events as, like conferences, workshop, the seminar of different schools, colleges, universities and others support to the different research team to develop sustainable technology research team in Bangladesh.

Mission and Vision

  • To train young students for the vision of digital Bangladesh and global tech leaders for global goals of Sustainable developments (SDGs)
  • To organize workshops and seminars trained by professional researchers all over the country on Robotics, Automation, artificial intelligent (AI), drone, Internet of thinking (IOT), Machine learning
  • To train young students and encourage them to work in the field of robotics and advance technology so that they can work and take higher education on these areas.
  • To Organize International conferences in Bangladesh and other countries of the world on Robotics and Advance technologies.
  • To set up own labs with efficient trainers and professionals
  • To establish E-tech online school
  • To encourage members in Research and creating opportunities for research in Bangladesh
  • To make hardware and Software related project to products.
  • Overall to build a researcher community to motivate young talents from our country to Participate in International conferences, Competitions and also Publishing research work in different journals.